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Greenstation Town

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'''Greenstation Town''' (Japanese: '''シンメタウン''' ''Shinme Town'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive location in the [[Sinnoh]] region. It was featured in [[DP135|''Beating the Bustle and Hustle!'']]. It is located between [[Lake Acuity]] and [[Mt. Coronet]], nestled amongst forested hills.
Greenstation Town is the place {{TRT}} set up a phony competition of [[Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle]] that served as a front for both a Pokémon-stealing operation as well as a Team Rocket recruiting ploy. In the process, criminal duo [[Azure]] and [[Crimson]] managed to steal the already-stolen Pokémon out from under Team Rocket's nose, only to later be apprehended by an undercover [[Officer Jenny]].
Many of its building are at least two levels high, featuring dark green or brown brick corners to complement the walls largely white colour. Its streets are fully paved with large round pavers. Evergreen trees and bushes line the streets. Many of its streets are curved.