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Pokémon Trading Card Game (game)

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'''Pokémon Trading Card Game''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンカードGB''' ''Pokémon Card GB'') is the first Pokémon game in the Trading Card Game series to be released in Japan, in 1998. The English version was later released in North America in 2000. It was released on [[Nintendo 3DS]] Virtual Console in 2014, making it the first Pokémon game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.
Pokémon Trading Card Game was followed, (only in Japan,) a year later by a sequel, titled [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]]. It takes place on the [[TCG Island|Trading Card Game Island]] and the player's starting area is the [[Mason Laboratory]].
A [[Meowth (Wizards Promo 10)|promotional Meowth card]] was included with the English release of the Game Boy Color game. The Japanese version of the game included the special Legendary {{TCG ID|GB|Dragonite|1}}, only to be released in Japan.