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Differences between Colosseum and XD: Discovery made by StarsMmd while data-mining Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (, (mentioned in the first change-log)
* In Pokémon Colosseum, [[Shadow move]]s have neutral effectiveness against all types, but in Pokémon XD, Shadow moves are super effective on non-Shadow Pokémon and not very effective on other Shadow Pokémon.
* In Colosseum, the only Shadow move that Shadow Pokémon can know is {{m|Shadow Rush}}, but in XD, Shadow Rush is one of many Shadow moves. Also, Shadow Rush's power is weaker in XD.
* In XD, Shadow Pokemon receive a 50% {{stat|Speed}} boost in battle, though this mechanic is not mentioned at any point in the game.
==Relationship with Trainers==