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My Diamond Trainer Card:
(Ignore the bit where it says Uxie
is female. Uxie is Genderless)
Hiya, No.1fan, a friend from school insisted I join this website. Its cool. Yay Bulbapedia!
<div class="usermessage" width="100%">[[User:Evee44/Mission Page|Mission Page]]</div>
My Diamond DS Game:
Name: May
(Someone please say how to get those table thingys and how
use them)
Gengar (Shiny) Lvl 100
Infernape lvl 71
Uxie Lvl 55
Shaymin Lvl 50
Darkrai Lvl 50
Staravia Lvl 23
(I got the Gengar, Shaymin, Darkrai from No.1Fan. He hacked!)
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