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Team Rocket Hideout

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{{Itemlist|PP Up|B1F; in the bottom right plant pot in the entrance hall ''(hidden)''|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Escape Rope|B1F; in the room west of the entrance|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Hyper Potion|B1F; in the room accessible from the B2F|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Hyper Potion}}}}
{{Itemlist|Moon Stone|B2F; in the northwest part of the spinner maze|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
*B2F; on the north wall of the spinner maze
*B3F; in the empty center-east room; next to TM10 ''(hidden)''|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|display=[[Nugget]] ×2}}
{{Itemlist|X Speed|B2F; northeast part of maze|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{DL|Battle item|X Speed}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Normal|B2F; in the upper center of the spinner maze|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|display={{TM|07|Horn Drill}}}}
{{Itemlist|TM Dark|B2F; near the [[Moon Stone]]|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{TM|12|Taunt}}}}
{{Itemlist|Super Potion|B2F; next to the wall west of the spinner maze|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Super Potion}}}}
{{Itemlist|Nugget|B3F; at the west end of the northern hallway ''(hidden)''|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|TM Normal|B3F; in the room south of the stairs from B2F|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|display={{TM|10|Double-Edge}}}}
{{Itemlist|Lift Key|B4F; dropped by {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}} in the northwest room when defeated|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{key|I|Lift Key|Lift}} {{key|III|Lift Key|Key}}}}
{{Itemlist|Iron|B4F; on a table southwest of [[Giovanni]]'s office|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Super Potion|B4F; in the machine behind Giovanni ''(hidden)''|R=yes|B=yes|Y=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Super Potion}}}}
{{Itemlist|Calcium|B4F; on table in southwest part|FR=yes|LG=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Net Ball|B4F; between the plant pots west of Giovanni's seat ''(hidden)''|FR=yes|LG=yes|display={{ball|Net}}}}