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Steam Eruption (move)

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In the anime: This is the actual move. The one described before was Hydro Pump. The picture needs to be updated, too.
==In the anime==
{{moveanime|type=water|gen=The user expels steam of superbly high pressure at the opponent.|image1=Volcanion Steam Eruption.png|image1p=Volcanion}}
{{movep|type=water|ms=721|pkmn=Volcanion|method=Volcanion's releaseseyes superheatedand steambody surroundedglow bylight blue. An orb of water fromthen forms in between the two cannons on its back atand theexplodes, creating a massive blast around opponentVolcanion.}}
{{movebtm|type=water|user=Volcanion (M19)|user1=A wild Volcanion|startcode=M19|startname=Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel|notes=Debut}}
==In other generations==