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Compound Eyes (Ability)

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Outside of battle: "Since [Em/Pt]" is never great since Gen III/IV released pairs and thirds in different orders, making it hard to remember what's in/out
===Outside of battle===
FromIn {{game|Emerald}} onwardsand all games since [[Generation IV]], if a Pokémon with thethis Ability is in the first place inleads the [[party]] (even if [[fainting|fainted]]), the chancechances of finding a Pokémon in the [[List of Pokémon by wild held item|a wild Pokémon holding an item]] increasesincrease from 50%/5% to 60%/20%. In dark grass in [[Generation V]], the chances increase from 50%/5%/1% to 60%/20%/5%.
==Pokémon with Compound Eyes==