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Vise Grip (move)

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Pokémon GO
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|gameimage=ViceGripVice VGrip VII.png
==In other games==
===[[Pokémon GO]]===
|move=Vice Grip
|critdamage_window=1.1 - 1.5
|users={{MSP|098|Krabby}}{{MSP|099|Kingler}}{{MSP|127|Pinsir}}{{MSP|235|Smeargle}}{{MSP|303|Mawile}}{{MSP|341|Corphish}}{{MSP|342|Crawdaunt}}{{MSP|599|Klink}} {{MSP|600|Klang}}
*Prior to an update to [[Niantic]]'s servers on July 30, 2016, Vice Grip had a power of 15.
*Prior to an update to [[Niantic]]'s servers on February 16, 2017, Vice Grip had a power of 25, an energy bar of [[File:GO charge 5.png|103px|5]], and a duration of 2.1 seconds.====Updates====
;Gyms & Raids
* '''July 30, 2016'''
** '''Power''': 15 → 25
* '''February 16, 2017'''
** '''Power''': 25 → 35
** '''Energy cost''': 20 → 33
** '''Duration''': 2.1 → 1.9 seconds
** '''Damage window''': 1.85 - 2.1 → 1.1 - 1.5 seconds
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevmd|RB}}<br>{{gameabbrevmd|TDS}}|Inflicts damage on the target.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevmd|BSL}}|{{tt|てきポケモンに ダメージをあたえる|Inflicts damage on the target}}}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevmd|GTI}}<br>{{gameabbrevmd|SMD}}|It damages an enemy.}}
|}{{left clear}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=098|pkmn=Krabby|method=Krabby pinches the opponent with one or both of its claws.}}
{{movemid|type=normal|user=Krabby (Pokémon)|user1=A wild Krabby|startcode=EP066|startname=The Evolution Solution}}
{{movemid|type=normal|user=Ash's Krabby|startcode=EP075|startname=Round One - Begin!}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=099|pkmn=Kingler|method=Kingler pinches the opponent with one or both of its claws.}}
{{movemid|type=normal|user=Ash's Kingler|startcode=EP075|startname=Round One - Begin!}}
|genIV=ViceGrip IV
===Spin-off series games==={{Movegen
|genV=ViceGrip V
|genVI=Vice Grip VI
===Side series games===
|XD=ViceGrip XD
PBR=ViceGrip PBR|
===Spin-off series games===
* Vice Grip's name refers to the {{wp|vise}}, a mechanical tool which firmly holds an object that one is working on; although official English translations normally use {{wp|American English}} spelling conventions, the move's name instead uses the {{wp|English in the Commonwealth of Nations|Commonwealth English}} spelling of ''vice''.<ref>[ Definition of vise - implement, tools and mechanics (US English)] (accessed December 20, 2012)</ref> "Vise-Grip" is a brand of [[wikipedia:locking pliers|locking pliers]] and other tools.<ref>[]</ref>
==In other languages==
|hi=दमदार शिकंजा ''Damdaar Shikanja''
|ko=찝기 ''{{tt|Jjipgi|Pinching}}''
|pl=Atak Kleszczami{{tt|*|Advanced}}<br>Atak Szczypcami{{tt|*|EP075-EP217}}
|pt_br=Agarramento Viciado (games, TCG, manga)<br>Vice-Agarrar (anime)<br>Aperto com Garra (The Official Pokémon Handbook)<br>Garra Tenaz (The Official Pokémon Handbook)
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