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Bulbapedia and growth: 2005 onward
===Bulbapedia and growth: 2005 onward===
In 2005, Bulbagarden's fortunes began to turn when {{u|evkl}} proposed that, instead of a regular website, Bulbagarden should turn toward a user-edited {{wp|wiki}} approach. With the assistance of {{u|Zhen Lin}}, [[Bulbapedia]] was created. It rapidly grew over the next few years, and with its growth, Bulbagarden was finally able to firmly establish its presence in the fandom, just in time for the release of {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}}. To complete the forum and Bulbapedia, a second wiki-based project, [[Bulbanews]], was soon added.
In 2008, Bulbagarden was sold to HAVA media in exchange for paying server costs.
As of 2013, is now a major Pokémon fansite, with an {{wp|Alexa internet|Alexa}} ranking placing it among the 50 most visited video game websites in the world, and has been cited in professional studies and publications. Archaic is still the webmaster, seconded by a team of vice-webmasters, as well as by the staff of the various projects of Bulbagarden (Bulbapedia, Bulbanews and Bulbagarden Forums).