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Lucario (Super Smash Bros.)

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Subspace Emissary
====Subspace Emissary====
Lucario first appears meditating on the top of {{sbw|Glacial Peak}}, where he duels {{sbw|Meta Knight (SSBB)|Meta Knight}}. The player can choose to be either character, with a different cutscene showing if one wins and another if the other does, with the winner reviving the loser from their trophy state. After that, Lucario joins the main party, and goes with {{sbw|Snake (SSBB)|Snake}} and Meta Knight throughout the next level. Lucario teams up with Snake and Meta Knight in order to battle copies of {{sbw|Peach (SSBB)|Peach}} and {{sbw|Zelda (SSBB)|Zelda}}, that are made of {{sbw|Subspace bugs}}. Once they are defeated, Lucario and the others must battle a {{sbw|Duon|giant robot}} based on {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} atop the {{wk|Halberd}}. After that, Lucario and the others meet up with the rest of the heroes and proceed to the Subspace World. After traveling through it, all of the heroes, including Lucario, are turned back into trophies by Tabuu. However, he is later revived by {{sbw|Luigi (SSBB)|Luigi}}, {{sbw|Ness (SSBB)|Ness}}, {{sbw|King Dedede (SSBB)|King Dedede}} and {{sbw|Kirby (SSBB)|Kirby}}. Lucario, along with the other characters, go through the Great Maze and defeat Tabuu, saving the world.
===={{sbw|Snake's Smash Taunt|Codec}} information (on Shadow Moses Island)====