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Light Screen (move)

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
{{movemanga|type=psychic|exp=yes|gen=The user puts up a defensive barrier that blocks all attacks.|image1=Organism No 2 Black Delta.png|image1p=Deoxys|image2=Sabrina Mr Mime Light Screen Adventures.png|image2p=Mr. Mime|image3=Feefee Feebas Light Screen Adventures.png|image3p=Feebas|image4=Volkner Raichu Light Screen Adventures.png|image4p=Raichu}}
{{movep|type=psychic|ms=122|pkmn=Mr. Mime|method=Mr. Mime waves its hands and a glass wall appears in front of it. The glass wall can protect against any attacks.}}
{{movemid|type=psychic|user=Sabrina|user1=Sabrina's Mr. Mime|startcode=PS028|startname=PiecePeace of Mime|notes=Debut}}
{{movep|type=psychic|ms=349|pkmn=Feebas|method=Feebas's body glows brightly and its pupils turn white as well. A glass wall then appears in front of Feebas, protecting it from attacks.}}
{{movemid|type=psychic|user=Feefee|user1=Ruby's Feefee|startcode=PS208|startname=On the Loose and Hyper With Zangoose and Seviper II}}