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Running Shoes

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In the games: I don't think so, or if so not before HGSS; see the Spading page
The Running Shoes allow the {{player}} [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|to run]] instead of walk when they hold the B button and press the D-pad in any direction. In {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, this method is overhauled and replaced with the Sprint Button, a panel on the lower screen that, when touched with the stylus, automatically puts on the Running Shoes, allowing the player to run without having to hold the B button. However, there are a few places that cannot be run through, such as very tall, thick grass or deep snow. Most caves and routes, though, as well as some buildings, will allow for running inside of them. In [[Generation IV]], instead of being limited to certain buildings as in [[Generation III]], all buildings allow running, but deep snow is added in which one can sometimes run but never bike.
The speed at which players can run is about twice as that of walking, yet slower than any of the [[bicycle]]s (8 steps per second in [[Generation VI]]). Attempting to dodge some Trainers, usually ones that randomly turn, with the Running Shoes will attract the attention of the Trainer and cause them to face towards the player. Additionally, running through the [[tall grass]] increases the chance of being attacked by a wild Pokémon.{{fact}}
==In the manga==