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Dragon Ascent (move)

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{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrevmd|SMD}}|It damages enemies in a wide area in front. But it lowers your Defense and Sp. Def.{{tt|*|Move Summary}}<br>It damages enemies in a wide area in front of you. But it lowers your Defense and Sp. Def. The stats return to normal when you go to the next floor or step on a [[File:IconTileSMD.png]]Wonder Tile.{{tt|*|Move Description}}}}
|}{{left clear}}
* The Japanese name of this move literally means "to paint a dragon and dot its eyes" and serves as a metaphor for the finishing touch in a piece of work that gives it "the spark of life". The idiom originated from a legend where {{wp|Zhang Sengyou}}, a Chinese painter, completes the dragons on a mural by dotting their eyes and thus literally bringing them to life; they spring out of the temple wall and fly off. The completed dragons immediately ascended to the heavens after the work was done.
* Dragon Ascent is the only move with the word "dragon" in its English name that is not {{type|Dragon}}. <!-- Does any other Japanese name for a non-Dragon-type move have word "dragon" in it? -->
* Because [[Zinnia]] teaches Dragon Ascent to the Rayquaza caught at Sky Pillar in [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]] to replace {{m|Fly}}, Dragon Ascent is the only move that can replace an HM move in a game in which the move is available as an [[HM]].
* When used by a Rayquaza which has [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]], this move will play an additional animation before the main animation, and the main animation is also changed slightly.
* When used by a {{p|Smeargle}}, copied by {{m|Sketch}}, this move will play a cyan blue animation instead of the green animation.
==In other languages==
[[es:Ascenso draco]]
[[fr:Draco Ascension]]
[[it:Ascesa del Drago (mossa)]]