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Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions: added quotes
====Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions====
;Rusturf Tunnel
:''"On the other side of this rock... My boyfriend is there. He... He's not just digging the tunnel to come see me. He works his hands raw and rough for the benefit of everyone."''
*After clearing the {{m|Rock Smash|breakable rock}}
:''"That's...wonderful. Please, take some rest at my home."'''
;Wanda's house - Verdanturf
:''"You are? Oh, right, I get it! You're the <player> who <sc>Wally</sc> was telling me about. I'm <sc>Wally</sc>'s cousin. Glad to meet you! I think <sc>Wally</sc>'s become a lot more lively and healthy since he came here."''
:''"Don't worry about <sc>Wally</sc>. He'll be just fine. I know my little cousin, and he has <sc>Pokémon</sc> with him, too."''