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Pokémon in Latin America

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The Latin American dub of the Pokémon anime is recorded and produced in Mexico. The series has been dubbed by five different companies. Originally, dubbing production was conducted by the company '''Audiomaster 3000''' of {{wp|Televisa}}, which dubbed the series from the [[S01|first season]] until the first episodes of ''Pokémon: Advanced Challenge''. Audiomaster 3000 went out of business in 2005, leaving the [[S07S06|seventhsixth season]] incomplete.
OnThus, the firstseries seasonwas rushed to '''Candiani Dubbing Studios''' (due to them acquiring Audiomaster 3000's assets), initiallywhich useddubbed the Spainseries translationuntil inmid-2009, somewith terms,many likemistakes movesof pronunciation and citieschanging (exceptvoices [[Fuchsiaof City]])several characters, duewithout tochanging the launchnames of Redcities and Blueattacks. in Spanish.
Thus,On the seriesfirst wasseason, rushedinitially tothe '''CandianiSpain Dubbingtranslation Studios''',for whichsome dubbedterms thewas series until mid-2009used, with many mistakes oflike pronunciationmoves and changingcities voices of(except several[[Fuchsia charactersCity]]), withoutdue changingto the nameslaunch of citiesRed and attacks.Blue in Spanish.
On September 26, 2009, '''AF The Dubbing House''' confirmed on their [ Twitter] that they would start dubbing ''[[S12|Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic Battles]]'', indicating that they were the new dubbing company for the series. This company changed the voices of several main characters and terminology used (moves and city names from the {{pmin|Spain|Spanish localization}}), but was able to return Gabo Ramos to the role of Ash Ketchum, because this actor haswas spentliving ain recurrenceArgentina in Argentinathat moment.
Since the thirteenth season until eighteenth season, the series was being dubbed by '''SDI Media de Mexico''' as reported in November 2010 via Eduardo Garza's [ Twitter], which reported that he would be the dubbing director and asked for help to the fans to return to each character's original voice except for Ash's. The thirteenth season had more mistakes than the previous season, due to the terminology used (attack names from the {{pmin|Spain|Spanish localization}}), but several of these incoherences were corrected in the fourteenth season.