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==Candy requirements==
Typically, a three-stage evolutionary line requires 25 Candy for the first evolution and another 100 Candy for the second evolution, while a two-stage evolutionary line requires 50 Candy for their evolution. [[Baby Pokémon]], except {{p|Togepi}}, require 25 Candy to evolve, and their evolutions only require 50 Candy to evolve again. {{p|Marill}} is an exception to this, as it also requires 25 Candy for evolution. The {{p|Rattata}}, {{p|Pidgey}}, {{p|Caterpie}}, {{p|Weedle}}, {{p|Eevee}}, {{p|Sentret}}, and {{p|Ledyba}} families all require less than this, while the {{p|Magikarp}}, {{p|Wailmer}}, {{p|Swablu}}, and {{p|Feebas}} families require more.
Evolutions which require a [[Sun Stone]] or [[evolution-inducing held item]] in the [[core series]] games also require that same item in Pokémon GO. Other [[evolutionary stone]]s are not required in Pokémon GO.