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Ash's Incineroar

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With Ash
===With Ash===
[[File:Ash and Torracat.png|thumb|250px|AshTorracat withand TorracatAsh]]
In ''[[SM022|A Shivering Shovel Search!]]'', Litten was seen training with [[Kiawe's Turtonator]] to master Fire Fang, but was still unsuccessful to master the move. Later, when Ash was stuck inside of an enraged {{p|Palossand}}'s body, Litten got caught in its body as well when protecting {{AP|Rockruff}}. Palossand then began absorbing Litten's life force, causing it to be unable to leave Palossand's body. Thanks to everyone's combined effort, [[Snowy]] was able to {{status|freeze}} Palossand with {{m|Powder Snow}}, stopping it from absorbing life force. Litten then managed to master Fire Fang and used it to break free from Palossand's body. Afterwards, Litten and Ash returned Palossand's lost shovel, calming the Sand Castle Pokémon down.