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Claydol (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
In ''[[AG164|Ka Boom with a View!]]'', {{FB|Palace Maven|Spenser}} used a Claydol against {{Ash}} as his final Pokémon. With its {{m|Hyper Beam}}, {{m|Psybeam}}, {{m|Rapid Spin}}, and {{m|Teleport}}, it quickly defeated {{AP|Swellow}}, and it proved to be a challenge for {{AP|Sceptile}}. It was later defeated by Sceptile's newly learned {{m|Solar Beam}}.
Three Claydol appeared in ''[[M12|Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]'', under the ownership of [[Damos]]. In the original timeline set up by the movie, they were used by Damos, who was under {{m|Hypnosis}}, to attack {{OBP|Arceus|M12}} with {{m|Shock Wave}}. When Ash and {{ashfr}} traveled to the past to prevent this, [[Marcus]], the one responsible for hypnotizing Damos, managed to use the Claydol again to attack Arceus.
A {{pkmn2|wild}} Claydol appeared in ''[[DP181|Bucking the Treasure Trend!]]'', where it was guarding the treasure in [[Dandelion Island]]. It proved to be a strong Pokémon, standing up to [[Dawn's Piplup]] and [[Ash's Torterra]]. It was eventually {{pkmn2|caught}} by [[Buck]].