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Gallery: I did notice a difference with the Cable Club. Will upload soon. Now requesting FRLG cable club, since both compatible with link cable and wireless GBA adaptor, and has separate nurses for the two modes.
{{Incomplete|section|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Cable Club (RSFRLG if different from normal menu), and EFRLG Union Room menus. Any other alternate menus (did the Wi-Fi Plaza have its own menu?)}}
RBY Menu.png|Red, Blue, and Yellow
GSC Bug Catching Menu.png|Gold, Silver, and Crystal (Bug-Catching Contest)
GSC Cable Club Menu.png|Gold, Silver, and Crystal (Cable Club)
RS Cable Club Menu.png|Ruby and Sapphire (Cable Club)
RS Safari Menu.png|Ruby and Sapphire (Safari Zone)
Emerald Safari Menu.png|Emerald (Safari Zone)