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The episode starts off with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} walking through the woods, with {{AP|Aipom}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} walking outside of their [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}s. Ash is ready and raring to go to battle {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} of the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|[[Battle Pyramid}}]], despite the long walk to get there. Finally, after a long while in the woods, Ash and the others make it out into a field.
Everyone decides to take a rest while Aipom and Pikachu run off to play. Aipom, interested in the flowers, wanders off and gets lost, coming face-to-face with a wild {{p|Weavile}}. Weavile challenges Aipom to a {{pkmn|battle}}, starting with {{m|Shadow Ball}}; the explosion alerts the gang that Aipom is in trouble. Once the gang catches up with Aipom, {{an|May}} scans the Weavile with her [[Pokédex]]. Ash asks if the Weavile wants to battle, to which it replies with another Shadow Ball. The gang quickly moves out of harm's way, only to be attacked by another Shadow Ball.
* [[Jessie]]
* [[James]]
* [[Kerrigan]]
* Trainer (flashback)
* {{p|Wobbuffet}} ({{OP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}})
* {{p|Aipom}} ({{OP|Ash|Aipom}})
* {{p|Weavile}} (×4×5; a stray; a leader; twothree subordinates)
* {{p|Sneasel}} (multiple; one female)
* {{p|Houndoom}} (Trainer's; flashback)
* An instrumental version of [[File:AG185A Small Thing]] from error.png|thumb|200px|Weavile's'[[M06|Jirachi: earWish errorMaker]]'' was used as background music.
* When {{AshAP|Aipom}} motivatesremains outside of her {{pi|WeavilePoké Ball}} in the English dub, he says "You let that Weavile walk all over you before" despite the fact that it stood up to and battled the rogue Weavile to defend itsthroughout tribe'sthis leadershipepisode.
* TheThis instrumentalis versionthe offirst 小さきものtime [[Athat Smallgender Thing]]differences fromare ''[[M06shown in the {{pkmn|Jirachi:anime}}, Wishas Maker]]''the wasfemale used{{p|Sneasel}} ashas a smaller ear feather backgroundthan musicmales.
* {{AP|Aipom}} remains outside of her [[Poké Ball]] throughout this episode.
* This is the first time that gender differences are shown in the anime, as the female Sneasel has a smaller ear feather than males.
* Ash's Aipom takes damage from Weavile's {{m|Shadow Ball}} even though {{type|Ghost-type}} attacks do not affect Normal-{{type|Normal}} Pokémon. This is an example of [[anime physics]]. Later, Weavile threatens Meowth{{MTR}} with Shadow Ball and he becomes scared, reinforcing this.
** Weavile also manages to dodge {{m|Swift}} twice, despite Swift being an attack that ignores {{stat|accuracy}} and {{stat|evasion}} in the games.
* When {{AP|Pikachu}} tracks down Weavile, its right ear feather is gray instead of red.
** Weavile's left ear feather is gray as well just before blasting {{TRT}} off.
* When {{Ash}} motivates {{p|Weavile}} in the English dub, he says "You let that Weavile walk all over you before", despite the fact that it stood up to and battled the rogue Weavile to defend its tribe's leadership.
AG185 error.png|Weavile's ear error
===Dub edits===
|de={{tt|Das Snibunna-Duell|The Weavile-duel}}
|nl={{tt|Duel in de Jungle|Duel in the Jungle}}
|fi={{tt|Kamppailu viidakossa!|Struggle in the jungle!}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Duel dans la forêt|Duel in the forest}}
|hi=जंगल का मुकाबला {{tt|''Jungle ka muqabla''|Battle of the Jungle}}{{tt|*|Disney XD dub}}
|he={{tt|קרבות הג'ונגל|Battles of the Jungle}}
|it={{tt|In lotta per il territorio|Fighting for the territory}}
[[de:Das Snibunna-Duell]]
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