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Exbo fist appeared as a Cyndaquil in ''[[PS091|Murkrow Row]]'' in [[Professor Elm]]'s lab, alongside {{TP|Silver|Totodile}} and [[Megaree|Chikorita]]. [[PS093|Later]], when {{adv|Gold}} and {{adv|Silver}} snuck into Elm's Lab, Gold choose Cyndaquil to fight against Silver due to how upset he was at seeing Totodile being stolen. Exbo surrounds Silver with a ring of fire while Gold demands his [[bag|backpack]] and Totodile back. Before Silver can respond, however, a [[Team Rocket]] grunt interrupts and knocks Gold out of the way.
In ''[[PS098|Totodile Rock]]'', Exbo fought against {{p|Totodile}} in the [[Sprout Tower]]. The two start out with {{m|Tackle}} and {{m|Scratch}} and follow up with {{m|Ember}} and {{m|Water Gun}}, giving Totodile the lead. Due to this Exbo counters with {{m|Smokescreen}} and gives Gold a chance to take Totodile back, but he refuses and {{m|Bite|bites}} him. The smoke soon sets off an alarm in the tower and activates its traps, forcing the two Pokémon to team up and stop them. In the confusion Silver escapes and Totodile [[evolution|evolves]] into {{p|Croconaw}}.
In ''[[PS103|You Ain't Nothin' but a Houndour]]'', Gold used Exbo alongside his other Pokémon to battle against the [[Masked Man]]. Exbo fought against his {{p|Houndour}} and lost due to Gold not knowing how to handle battling with multiple Pokémon.
In ''[[PS108|Quilava Quandary]]'', Exbo is trained at the [[Pokémon Day Care]]. Exbo starts by using Smokescreen and follows up with Ember, but a {{p|Donphan}} deflects it. Later in the day he battles against a {{p|Primeape}} and defeats it with Ember thanks to a {{m|Sunny Day}} from {{p|Sunkern|Sunbo}}. After the defeat he evolves into {{p|Quilava}}. In ''[[PS111|Tyranitar War]]'', Exbo was Gold's first choice in his battle against Silver and fought against Croconaw again. Croconaw starts by drenching Exbo with Water Gun and biting down on him with Bite. Exbo manages to dodge the attack with {{m|Double Team}}, breaking Croconaw's teeth. Croconaw recovers and throws Exbo away, and Gold sends out Sunbo to support him with Sunny Day. Silver counters this by having {{TP|Silver|Sneasel}} use {{m|Blizzard}}, freezing him. Exbo attempts to help with Ember, but Gold decides Exbo cannot handle it and switches him out.
In ''[[PS113|Delibird Delivery - 1]]'', Exbo is used to fight the Masked Man again. He and {{p|Sneasel}} attack his {{p|Delibird}} and manage to put some distance between the Masked Man and their [[Trainers]]{{pkmn|Trainer}}s. The Masked Man then sends out {{p|Ariados}} and Houndour and Exbo and Sneasel attack with {{m|Flame Wheel}} and {{m|Icy Wind}}. The two Pokémon of the villain's suddenly disappear, and Gold, Exbo, and Sneasel are hit by a minor surprise attacks afterwards.
[[File:Exbo Quilava.png|thumb|left|150px|As a Quilava]]
In ''[[PS147|Lively Lugia II]]'', Exbo fights against a wild {{DL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Lugia}} and meets back up with Croconaw and Megaree. After a tiring battle with Lugia the three starters evolve into their final form due to the stress of the battle and the encouragement of the others. Gold then attempts to capture Lugia, but it escapes.