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Meloetta (anime)

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In [[BW086|the following episode]], Meloetta appeared once again while [[Jervis]] was taking them to Cynthia's villa. Although it was reluctant to show itself to {{an|Dawn}} at first, it eventually did with encouragement from Ash. Immediately, [[Dawn's Piplup]] fell in love with it too. This angered Oshawott, and caused it and Piplup to constantly fight over Meloetta, and get angry when it chose one over the other. In ''[[BW087|Expedition to Onix Island]]'', it interacted with all of the other Pokémon while at the beach.
In ''[[BW096|Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!]]'', Meloetta battled {{AP|Krookodile}} after wishing to do so. However, they were interrupted by Ridley and his {{p|Golurk}}, who mistakenly thought the battle was against Meloetta's will. It was soon attacked and captured by Team Rocket, along with Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}}, who were also captured as hostages. Subsequently, all three were taken to the Abyssal Ruins.
In [[BW097|the following episode]], using the Reveal Glass, {{an|Giovanni}} summoned the {{an|Forces of Nature}} to fight Ash, Iris, Cilan, Ridley and Cynthia. After various failed attempts, Meloetta managed to calm the trio down with its song. After [[Team Rocket]] retreated back to [[Kanto]], Meloetta reunited with Ridley at last, and accompanied him back to the village, much to Oshawott's dismay.