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After {{adv|Silver}} notices that {{advDL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Lugia}} isn't inside the [[Poké Ball]], they think about how and when Lugia could have escaped. Crystal finally realizes that it must have flown off in the flash of light. {{adv|Gold}} stomps about in frustration when Crystal remembers the tracking system on the [[Pokédex]], which can track the energy of any Pokémon the [[Pokédex holder]] has encountered.
Crystal then asks Gold and Silver if they had heard of the feature before, but they say nothing and pretend to know how to use the system, Gold looks over Crystal's shoulder as she activates the system on her Pokédex and mimicks her actions. Gold apparently offends their new acquaintance by telling her that she is not merely a "motor-mouthed prissy girl." Crystal then introduces herself at last, but Gold ignores her, deeply involved as he is waiting for the tracking system to track {{p|Lugia}}. Ignoring both of his companions, Silver climbs up the island's crag and discovers a cave which, by virtue of the tracks before its entrance, he deems to be Lugia's lair.
Crystal recounts a legend that the four [[Whirl Islands]] are connected by tunnels and states that these would be a suitable hiding place for a gigantic Pokémon. Silver also sees signs of a struggle, and he and Gold suppose that Lugia might have been attacked before they encountered it. Crystals states that it would explain its rampage, but suddenly the tracking system crashes on all three Pokédexes. Realizing that it isn't likely that all three would fail at once, Gold states that the only explanation is that Lugia has already been captured by someone else.
==Major events==
* {{adv|Gold}}, {{adv|Silver}}, and {{adv|Crystal}} try to look for the {{advDL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Lugia}} that attacked them.
* Silver goes to [[Lance]] to get the Pokémon he needs to fight Lugia.
* {{p|Gyarados}} ({{OP|Silver|Gyarados}}; [[Red Gyarados]])
* {{p|Meganium}} ([[Megaree]]/{{tt|Mega|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Crystal}}'s)
* {{p|Lugia}} ({{advDL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Lugia|Adventures}})
* In the [[Chuang Yi]] version, the {{t|Water}} type is mistakenly called the Sea type.
==In other languages==