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In ''[[PS113|Delibird Delivery - 1]]'', Exbo is used to fight the Masked Man again. He and {{p|Sneasel}} attack his {{p|Delibird}} and manage to put some distance between the Masked Man and their [[Trainers]]. The Masked Man then sends out {{p|Ariados}} and Houndour and Exbo and Sneasel attack with {{m|Flame Wheel}} and {{m|Icy Wind}}. The two Pokémon of the villain's suddenly disappear, and Gold, Exbo, and Sneasel are hit by a minor surprise attacks afterwards.
[[File:Exbo Quilava.png|thumb|left|150px|As a Quilava]]
In ''[[PS147|Lively Lugia II]]'', Exbo fights against a wild {{padv|Lugia}} and meets back up with Croconaw and Megaree. After a tiring battle with Lugia the three starters evolve into their final form due to the stress of the battle and the encouragement of the others. Gold then attempts to capture Lugia, but it escapes.
In ''[[PS172|The Last Battle VI]]'', Exbo is used in Gold's last battle against the Masked Man. Exbo used his powered up fire power from Sunny Day to melt the Masked Man's ice and prevent him from regenerating his ice body. In ''[[PS180|The Last Battle XIV]]'', he is used alongside the other starters to try and stop [[Pryce]] from capturing {{adv|Celebi}}.