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Gold and Silver realize that they share a common enemy and battle the Masked Man together at the [[Lake of Rage]], but they are defeated and sent crashing toward the now-frozen [[Lake of Rage]], and their fates are left unknown for a while.
It is later revealed the two boys are in [[Whirl Islands]], as rescued by Entei, where they are found by [[Lt. Surge]], and their missing valuables, including the Red Gyarados, are returned. They meet {{adv|Crystal}} after she nearly drowns in the wreckage and battle the rabid {{p|Lugia}} that starts attacking them, and they are all nearly defeated until his Quilava, [[Silver's Croconaw]], and Crystal's [[Megaree]] all evolve into their final forms. The tables nearly turned when Gold even disabled the giant bird's {{m|Aeroblast}} attack by placing his billiard cue inside its mouth to keep it from closing with the aid of his new Mantine and Remoraid getting him close enough, but Gold fails at catching it due to not having his billiard cue, and it is later discovered that someone managed to catch it before they did when the Poké Ball Crystal kicked turned out to be empty. Having failed to track it down with the Area function of the Pokédex, Gold and Crystal then head to the opening ceremony of the Pokémon League, where all 16 [[Gym Leader]]s of [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]] have gathered to battle each other, to try to determine which one of the Gym Leaders is the Masked Man. They battle [[Sham]] and [[Carl]] in the Control Room and end up winning with a powerful {{m|Giga Drain}}, but are locked in until Crystal's Parasect melts the door. The Masked Man then appears at the scene with both {{padv|Lugia}} and {{padv|Ho-Oh}} and starts wreaking havoc before heading to the [[Ilex Forest shrine|shrine]] in [[Ilex Forest]], where the final battle then takes place.
Gold battles the Masked Man and finds out his real identity by smashing his mask after a clever combination that corners the villain, but to avoid defeat, the dastardly man threatens to crush [[Pika]] and [[Chuchu]]'s Egg if he attacks once more. Gold is horribly beaten by the nemesis, but his efforts of attempting to protect the Egg in his arms cause it to hatch into {{p|Pichu}}, which inherits his personality as a result. After being reassured of his ability as the Hatcher of the [[Pokédex holder]]s, he then follows the villain back in time with Silver and Crystal on the three legendary beasts, and eventually manages to escape after freeing Celebi. At the end of the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}, Gold goes to train under {{adv|Red}} on [[Mt. Silver]].