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Burn (status condition)

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A burn can be cured with the use of a [[Burn Heal]], [[Yago Berry]] ([[Generation III]] only), or a [[Rawst Berry]] ([[Ice Berry]] in [[Generation II]]). In addition, like all other major [[status condition]]s, it can be cured by the items [[Full Heal]], [[Rage Candy Bar]], [[Lava Cookie]], [[Old Gateau]], [[Casteliacone]], [[Lumiose Galette]], [[Shalour Sable]], [[Big Malasada]], [[Full Restore]], {{DL|Herbal medicine|Heal Powder}}, [[Lum Berry]] ([[MiracleBerry]] in Generation II), and [[Sacred Ash]].
The moves {{m|Refresh}} and {{m|Rest}} remove the burn status condition from the user, while {{m|Heal Bell}} (unless the Pokémon has Soundproof as their Ability in Generation III and IV) and {{m|Aromatherapy}} removes it from all Pokémon in the user's party, and the move {{m|Sparkling Aria}} removes the burn status condition from the target (unless the Pokémon takes no damage from the move). In addition, the move {{m|Psycho Shift}} shifts the burn onto its target (thereby healing the user). In Generation I only, using {{m|Haze}} cures the opponent from a burn.
Pokémon with {{a|Natural Cure}} will be cured upon switching out, those with the {{a|Hydration}} Ability will be cured whilst it is {{weather|rain}}ing. Pokémon with {{a|Shed Skin}} have a 30% chance of being cured every turn, and Pokémon with {{a|Healer}} have a 30% chance of curing their allies.