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|epname=Trying to Trounce Torchic
|desc={{p|Sceptile}} was originally a starter Pokémon owned by [[Professor Birch]] as a {{p|Treecko}}. After several adventures where ithe helped {{adv|Wally}} awaken {{p|Rayquaza}} at the [[Sky Pillar]], Treecko, now a {{p|Grovyle}}, ended up on a deserted island, evolved into a Sceptile, and was captured by [[Guile Hideout]], who planted Sceptile into the Hoenn {{ho|Battle Factory}} as a Rental Pokémon. During Emerald's battle against {{FB|Factory Head|Noland}}, Sceptile went berserk due to being hit by a {{m|Poison Sting}} fired by Guile Hideout. After Emerald calmed Sceptile down, he decided to have ithim join his team as he noted that ithe was level 51 at the time instead of being level 50 as with the other Rental Pokémon. With Emerald's Mega Bracelet, he can Mega Evolve into Mega Sceptile. He is level 69 and has a Hasty [[nature]].}}