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Sheer Cold (move)

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{{MoveResearch|What is the accuracy of Sheer Cold if it is used by an Ice-type; by a non-Ice-type? (Is it the same?)}}
===Generations III to VI===
If Sheer Cold hits, it will inflict damage equal to the opponent's current {{stat|HP}}, therefore [[Fainting|knocking out]] the target. It will fail if the target's level is higher than the user's level. Sheer Cold's chance of hitting is independent of {{stat|accuracy}} and {{stat|evasion}} stats; instead, it depends on the level of the user and the level of the target and is worked out with the formula
===Generation VII===
{{type|Ice}} Pokémon are now immune to Sheer Cold. Additionally, the move's accuracy is lowered by 10% if the user is not an Ice-type Pokémon.
Sheer Cold's accuracy is now displayed as 30%.