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Tyson (Hoenn)

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[[File:Ash and Tyson.png|thumb|left|200px|Tyson and Ash]]
Tyson first appeared in ''[[AG125|Like a Meowth to a Flame]]'', in which he rescued {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} from a flock of {{p|Murkrow}} with his {{TP|Tyson|Meowth}}. They quickly became friends as it turns out they were going to the same place to eat and because Tyson has a certain fondness for food like {{an|May}}. The group met up with him interacting with [[Charles Goodshow]], where he found out that Ash and Brock were also torch-runners [[EP074|in the past]]. Later, an "Officer Jenny" and "Nurse Joy" ({{TRT}} in disguise) went up to Tyson and ran off with the torch of {{p|Moltres}}. He warned Ash and the gang that they ran off with the torch and chased after them. Tyson stopped [[Team Rocket's mechas|their balloon]] by having his {{p|Metagross}} use {{m|Confusion}}. His Meowth successfully took the torch from the {{MTR|talking one}} and finished the villains with {{m|Thunderbolt}}.