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Last Resort (move)

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==In the anime==
{{moveanime|type=normal|exp=no|gen=The user attacks the opponent after it used all of its other attacks.<!--|image1=Ilima Eevee Last Resort.png|image1p=Eevee-->}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=133|pkmn=Eevee|method=Eevee's body becomes outlined in a light golden glowaura, with orbs of light golden energy being absorbed into its body. The golden aura then forms into a massive light yellow star in front of Eevee's body as the glow disappears and is fired at the opponent.}}
{{movebtm|type=normal|user=Ilima|user1=Ilima's Eevee|startcode=SM065|startname=SM065|notes=Debut}}