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Extreme Evoboost (move)

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==In the anime==
{{moveanime|type=normal|exp=yes|gen=The user gathers Z-Power to call upon|image1=Ilima Extreme Evoboost pose.png|image1p={{color2|{{normal color}}|Ilima}}|image2=Ilima Eevee Extreme Evoboost.png|image2p=Eevee}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=133|pkmn=Eevee|method=Eevee jump into trainer head and howling for help from its evolved friends throughout the whole region. Afterwards, it then coming down from trainer head and absorb the energy from the Z-Move. Later on, all it evolved friends come in right time and spare all their energy to Eevee and boosts its statistic.}}
{{movebtm|type=normal|user=Ilima's Eevee|startcode=SM065|notes=Debut<br>Base move is {{m|Last Resort}}}}