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X & Y chapter (Adventures)

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Party Changes
* X's {{p|Charmander}}, [[Salamè]] ([[PAXY09]])
* Y's {{p|Froakie}}, [[Croaky]] ([[PAXY12]])
* X's {{TP|Xp|Manectric}}, [[Élec]] ([[PAXY13]])
* X's {{p|Gengar}}, Garma ([[PAXY20]])
* Y's {{p|Rhyhorn}}, Rhyrhy ([[PAXY26]])
* Y's {{TP|Yp|Xerneas}}, [[Xerxer]] ([[PAXY26]])
* Y's {{p|Absol}}, Solsol ([[PAXY28]])
* X's {{p|Pinsir}}, Rute ([[PAXY28]])
The following Pokémon evolve:
* Y's {{p|Eevee}} to {{p|Sylveon}}
* Y's {{p|Fletchling}} to {{TP|Yp|Fletchinder}} ([[PAXY16]])
* Y's {{p|Froakie}} to {{TP|Yp|Frogadier}} ([[PAXY17]])
* X's {{p|Chespin}} to {{TP|Xp|Quilladin}} ([[PAXY22]])
* X's {{p|Charmander}} to {{TP|Xp|Charmeleon}} ([[PAXY22]])
* Y's {{p|Frogadier}} to {{TP|Yp|Greninja}} ([[PAXY32]])
* X's {{p|Quilladin}} to {{TP|Xp|Chesnaught}} ([[PAXY33]])
* X's {{p|Charmeleon}} to {{TP|Xp|Charizard}} ([[PAXY34]])
===Mega Evolutions===
The following Pokémon Mega Evolve:
* X's {{TP|Xp|Kangaskhan}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Kangaskhan]] ([[PAXY02]])
* X's {{TP|Xp|Manectric}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Manectric]] ([[PAXY11]])
* X's {{p|Gengar}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Gengar]] ([[PAXY20]])
* X's {{p|Pinsir}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Pinsir]] ([[PAXY30]])
* Y's {{p|Absol}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Absol]] ([[PAXY30]])
* Blue's {{TP|Blue|Charizard}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Charizard Y]] ([[PAXY34]])
* X's {{TP|Xp|Charizard}} ↔ [[Mega Evolution|Mega Charizard X]] ([[PAXY34]])
==Gym Battles==