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In ''[[PAXY12|Fast-Thinking Froakie]]'', Y is revealed to have decided to add Froakie to her team after having been inspired by X. While doing some {{tc|Sky Trainer}} practice, an accident caused Y to fall to the ground, but she is saved by Froakie using his Frubbles to cushion the impact. As she thanks Froakie for saving her, Y decides to give it the nickname Croaky. Afterwards, Y decides to end her training for the day and goes in X's tent to change clothes in privacy. She is interrupted by an [[Élec|Electrike]] that steals her regular clothes and runs away. After Croaky uses his Frubbles to create makeshift top for Y, the group chases after the {{p|Electrike}}. With his speed and jumping skills, Croaky easily dodges Electrike's moves and takes back Y's clothes.
[[File:Y Croaky Frogadier.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Frogadier]]
In ''[[PAXY17|Shooting Frogadier]]'', Y and her friends were surrounded by a group of Sky Trainers controlled by Team Flare while in a helicopter piloted by [[Cassius]]. Y decided to leave the helicopter to confront the leading [[Yvette|Sky Trainer]]. Y won the battle against her, but the helicopter began to break apart, forcing Cassius to make an emergency landing. One of the propeller blades broke off and hit Y in the head, causing her to be sent flying down towards {{rt|9|Kalos}}. Her fall was broken once again by Croaky's Frubbles. As she traveled the route to try and get back to her friends, Y found [[Malva]] and [[Celosia]] talking about their next plan. Celosia, sensing Y's presence behind a boulder, used her {{p|Honedge}} to try and destroy the boulder, but Y and Croaky dodged in time. Just as Celosia took another swing, Croaky [[evolution|evolved]] into a {{p|Frogadier}}, grabbed Y, and leaped high into the air. He then took a piece of the boulder that was knocked into the air, covered it in a Frubble, and tossed it at a group of wild {{p|Rhyhorn}}, startling them into stampeding in front of Malva and Celosia. This convinced the two Team Flare members that there was not anyone else in the area. Afterward, Y began following Malva and Celosia to their next destination. Using his agility, Croaky stayed ahead of Y in the trees and alerted her when it was safe to move forward. With a trail of Frubbles he left behind, X and the others eventually managed to reach Y again.
In ''[[PAXY32|Malamar Traps]]'', the group traveled to [[Pokémon Village]] to find Team Flare after they went into hiding. Upon arriving, the group was attacked by [[Xerosic]], who used his {{p|Malamar}} to put everyone to sleep with {{m|Hypnosis}}. By evolving into a {{p|Greninja}} and blocking out the sound with his tongue, Croaky avoided falling asleep, allowing him to knock Malamar to the ground. When Malamar got back up, Croaky attempted to up his evasion while lowering Malamar's speed with {{m|Bubble}}, but due to a combination of {{m|Topsy-Turvy}} and {{a|Contrary}}, Croaky's attempts backfired, leaving him open to be put to sleep by Hypnosis.
==Personality and characteristics==
Croaky is shown to be very helpful and brave as he has saved {{adv|Y}} from danger many times. Croaky is also very serious and efficient, wasting no time to jump into action. Croaky is able to utilize the Frubbles he produces in various ways, such as creating a copy of himself to fool an enemy or leaving a trail for his friends to follow. Croaky is also skillful when acting on his own, often taking precautions or battling without the need for his [[{{pkmn|Trainer]]}}'s command.
==Moves used==
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| colspan="3" style="text-align:left" |'''Description:''' '''Frubble''' (Japanese: '''ケロムース''' ''Keromousse'') is a physical characteristic of Froakie and Frogadier. It reaches into the bubbles on its neck, pulling out handfuls of bubbles and throwing them at its opponents much like an actual attack. This is used usually to subdue the opponents and strike them while they are distracted. Croaky can also use the Frubbles to block an opponent's attacks, cushion an ally to save them from falling, make a body double of itself or others to lure an opponent into attacking, and create makeshift pieces of clothing. As a Frogadier, Croaky would put pebbles into his Frubbles to add weight behind them. Despite having no visible Frubbles on its body as a Greninja, Croaky retained the ability to use Frubbles after evolving into his final form.
==In the games==
In X and Y, [[Tierno]] gives the {{player}} the option to choose Froakie as their [[starter Pokémon]].
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