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A '''Pokémon Navigator Plus''', more often referred to as '''PokéNav Plus''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンマルチナビ''' ''Pokémon Multi-Navi''), is an electronic device found in [[Hoenn]] and an enhanced version of the [[PokéNav]] from [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire]], and {{v2|Emerald}}. It was produced by the [[Devon Corporation]] under the orders of [[Mr. Stone]].
In [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]], the playerPokéNav hasPlus theis PokéNav Plusaccessible from the start of the game and it can be found on the touch screen. Similar devices are the [[Pokégear]], the [[Pokétch]], the [[C-Gear]], and the [[Holo Caster]].
[[File:BuzzNav.png|thumb|200px|The BuzzNav]]
The '''BuzzNav''' (Japanese: '''テレビナビ''' ''TV-Navi'') is an application for the PokéNav Plus that displays news reports from [[HoennTV TV|Mauville TV]] about the player's exploits in the game. It is obtained from [[Mr. Stone]] at the [[Devon Corporation]] after getting the [[Devon Parts]] back from the {{tc|Team Magma Grunt}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{tc|Team Aqua Grunt}}{{sup/6|AS}} gruntin [[Rusturf Tunnel]].
It also includes [[StreetPass]] functionality that allows the player to receive news, [[Secret Base]]s, [[Mirage spot]]s, and other data from players they pass by either in the real world or on the [[Player Search System]]. Once a day, StreetPass data may be gathered from the [[Player Search System|PSS]]. If StreetPass data is available, a mailbox icon ( [[File:BuzzNav notification.png|20px]] ) will appear on the BuzzNav's screen. If BuzzNav is not the active application, the icon will appear on BuzzNav's tab. However, if the player is in a Secret Base, the mailbox icon will not be visible and StreetPass data cannot be loaded, even if it is available.
==In other languages==
===PokéNav Plus===
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|fr=Poké Multi-Navi
|es=Pokémon MultiNav
|fr=Poké Multi-Navi
|it=Multi PokéNav
|ko=포켓몬 멀티 내비 ''Pokémon Multi-Navi''
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|pt=PokéNav Plus
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|ko=맵 내비 ''Map-Navi''
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{{langtable|color={{alpha sapphire color light}}|bordercolor={{omega ruby color}}
|ko=도감내비 ''Dogam-Navi''
|ptzh_cmn=DexNav图鉴领航 ''Tújiàn Lǐngháng''
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{{langtable|color={{Alpha Sapphire color light}}|bordercolor={{Omega Ruby color}}
|ko=플레이내비 ''Play-Navi''
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|ko=TV 내비 ''TV-Navi''
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