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"Special" availability is basically in addition to wild catch/evolution, and that's not Mewtwo ; Ditto's above. There's a Shiny page. And AFAIK Lotad/Cacnea are very RARE, not exclusive
[[File:GO Guide Catch 3.png|thumb|200px|Encountering a wild Rattata, with AR mode disabled (Prior to 0.55.0 version)]]
In the game, [[wild Pokémon]] appear on a map of the real world, with the player moving in the game by traveling in the real world. When a Pokémon is nearby, the player's phone vibrates. The player can encounter a nearby Pokémon by tapping it in the Map View. Different kinds of Pokémon will appear in different environments; for example, {{type|Water}} Pokémon are more common near water. [[Weather]] also affects which Pokémon are common. The player is assisted by [[Professor Willow]] throughout the game. Players can login using a [[Pokémon Trainer Club]] account or a Google account.
In a wild encounter, the player attempts to capture a wild Pokémon in a [[Poké Ball]] before it runs away. Unlike in the [[core series]] games, these encounters do not involve battle. At higher levels, the player can use [[Razz Berry|Razz Berries]] to make wild Pokémon easier to catch or use more powerful Poké Balls like {{ball|Great}}s and {{ball|Ultra}}. While holding a press on a Poké Ball, a ring will appear around the Pokémon. This ring shrinks over time; once it reaches its smallest size it immediately returns to full size and the cycle repeats. If the Poké Ball is thrown while the ring is very small, the capture is more likely to be successful.
Legendary Pokémon have only been released for strictly limited periods. These include {{p|Lugia}}, {{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Moltres}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, {{p|Raikou}}, {{p|Entei}}, {{p|Suicune}}, {{p|Ho-Oh}}, {{p|Groudon}}, {{p|Kyogre}}, and {{p|Rayquaza}}. Once their periods are up, there is no indication if or when they will be made available again.
{{p|Mewtwo}} only appears in special EX Raids. EX Passes grant players the ability to participate in an EX Raid and are distributed on a semi-random basis to players who have recently completed a Raid at the Gym where the EX Raid will take place.
====Special availability====
While {{p|Eevee}}'s evolution is normally random, it can be [[nickname]]d to force it to evolve into a specific Pokémon: "Sparky" for {{p|Jolteon}}, "Rainer" for {{p|Vaporeon}}, "Pyro" for {{p|Flareon}},<ref>[ PSA - How to force your Eevee to evolve into your choice of Eeveelution! : pokemongo]</ref> "Sakura" for {{p|Espeon}}, and "Tamao" for {{p|Umbreon}}. These are the names of the [[Eevee brothers]] and the [[Kimono Girl]]s in the [[Pokémon anime]]. Each nickname can only influence evolution once per player.
Some Pokémon, such as {{p|Mewtwo}}, appear to only be available in EX Raids. These Raids can only be attended by invite and the required invitation will be sent to chosen trainers that participate in other Raid battles although the requirement for receiving an invitation is currently still subject to change.
* [[Ditto]] appears in the wild disguised as other Pokémon. After being caught, it will reveal its true form. It is currently known that it can be disguised as [[Pidgey]], [[Rattata]], [[Zubat]], [[Magikarp]], [[Hoothoot]], [[Sentret]], [[Yanma]] or [[Taillow]].
* {{Shiny}} variants of multiple Pokémon families have been released so far and new Shiny Pokémon are still being permanently released during certain events. As with the main games, there is a small chance that a wild Pokémon can be Shiny but in Pokémon GO, despite being able to see the default Pokémon sprite and model on the map, this is only determined after entering the encounter with the wild Pokémon.
* Certain Pokémon like {{p|Lotad}}, {{p|Cacnea}} and the different forms of {{p|Castform}} spawn depending on the Weather in the game. This is separate from Weather influencing certain spawn types.