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James's Weezing

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James received Koffing already captured for the last {{jwp|歳暮|oseibo}} before he met Ash. It is unknown who gifted it to him.
Weezing first appeared in ''[[EP002|Pokémon Emergency!]]'' as a {{p|Koffing}}. Throwing their [[Poké Ball]]s down from their [[Team Rocket's mechas|Meowth balloon]], [[Jessie]] and James used both it andalongside [[Jessie's Ekans]] to quickly overtake the defenseless {{ci|Viridian}} [[Pokémon Center]]. Koffing's job was to create a {{m|Smokescreen}} while Ekans destroyed the computers. Chasing everyone into the back room, Koffing and Ekans accompanyaccompanied their Trainers in intimidating the others, which causescaused Misty to decide to battle Team Rocket. This iswas a failed effort, however, as both of them managemanaged to catch up to Ash in no time at all. Just thenHowever, [[Nurse Joy]]'s {{p|Pikachu}} came out and healed Ash's Pikachu with a {{m|Thunder Shock}} attack, while at the same time attacking the [[Team Rocket trio]]. Giving Ash's Pikachu enough power to stand up, Ash charged- up Pikachu using Misty's charred bike, and he let him haveuse his own Thunder Shock. As the group are beingwere electrocuted, Koffing releases a stream ofused {{m|Smog}} from one of the craters on its body, and the electricity climbsclimbed up the toxic gas, causing the entire Pokémon Center to explode, and sending Team Rocket blasting off for the first time.
[[File:James and Weezing.png|thumb|200px|Weezing and James]]
It was used constantly by James as his main battling Pokémon throughout Kanto and eventually [[evolution|evolved]] into a Weezing in the episode ''[[EP031|Dig Those Diglett!]]'', along with Ekans, after James and [[Jessie]] were desperate for their Pokémonthem to evolve.
In ''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]'', Jessie used Weezing during the {{DL|Princess Festival|Queen of the Princess Festival contest}}. Weezing helpshelped Jessie make it up to the finals, but ultimately failsfailed against Pikachu's {{m|Thunder Shock|ThunderShock}}.
In ''[[EP066|The Evolution Solution]]'', James used Weezing to capture a {{DL|List of Pokémon temporarily owned by the Team Rocket trio|Shellder}} he dug up. Weezing was easily able to defeat it with its Haze attack after dodging its {{m|Ice Beam}}. Just as James was about to capturecatch it, Jessie jumped in and got it herself.
James used Weezing as his main battling Pokémon throughout much of the Kanto episodes.
DuringThroughout the [[Johto]] episodesregion, James tended to use {{TP|James|Victreebel}} more for actual combat than Weezing. During this time, Weezing was mainly used to create smoke to cover escapes and entrances.
==={{series|Advanced Generation}}===
In ''[[AG002|A Ruin With A View]]'', James sent out Weezing alongside Arbok to battle {{tc|Team Magma Grunt}}s who approached them. Not long after being sent out, [[Team Magma]]'s {{p|Houndoom}} used {{m|Roar}} to send Weezing and Arbok back into their Poké Balls.
In ''[[AG006|A Poached Ego!]]'', {{TRT}} found [[Rico|a poacher]] holding a herd of {{p|Ekans}} and Koffing captive in [[Hoenn]]. After freeing them, James and Jessie reluctantly ordered Weezing and {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} to stay in the wild and guard their fellow Pokémon. Arbok and Weezing had to when the poacher used his {{p|Tyranitar}} to attack Jessie, James, and {{MTR}}, even though it was clear that they wanted to stay and defend them. The two Pokémon have not been seen since then. Also inIn this same episode, James said that "Weezing and I are like brothers," thus, again, indicating a great bond between the two.