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In the anime
==In the anime==
SoThe far,first fourMemory Memoriesto have appearedappear in the {{pkmn|anime}}. The first Memory to appear was the [[Dark Memory]], which [[Gladion]] used in [[SM049]] in order for thehis recentlynewly evolved {{p|Silvally}} to defeat [[Faba]]'s {{p|Alakazam}} and {{p|Hypno}}.
In [[SM051]], Gladion used a [[Fairy Memory]] soto put his Silvally couldat defeata type advantage against a {{pkmn2|Totem}} {{p|Kommo-o}}, allowing it andto defeat it.
In [[SM054]], Gladion used a [[Fire Memory]] soto allow Silvally couldto free itself from the ice created by [[Lusamine]]'s {{p|Absol}}'s {{m|Ice Beam}}. HeLater thenin the same episode, he used a [[Steel Memory]] soto make Silvally couldable to cross a pool of poison created by a {{p|Nihilego}}.
File:Dark Memory anime.png|A Dark Memory
File:Fairy Memory anime.png|A Fairy Memory
File:Fire Memory anime.png|A Fire Memory
File:Steel Memory anime.png|A Steel Memory
==In other languages==