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Island challenge

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* [[Trial Captain]]: [[Sophocles]]
* Trial site: [[Hokulani Observatory]]
* [[Totem Pokémon]]: {{p|Vikavolt}}{{sup/7|SM}}/, {{p|Togedemaru}}{{sup/7|USUM}}
* Reward: [[Electrium Z]]
* Blue and Green Petals: Lana and Mallow at [[Lush Jungle]] (the player must battle Mallow{{sup/7|US}}/Lana{{sup/7|UM}} first)
* Red Petal: Kiawe at [[Wela Volcano Park]]
* Yellow Petal: Sophocles at the [[Hokulani Observatory]] (the player must battle him first){{sup/7|US}})
* Purple Petal: Nanu at [[Aether House]] (the player must battle him first){{sup/7|UM}})
When the player has collected all the petals and returns, Mina assembles them into the Rainbow Flower, which summons the Totem Pokémon to her house.
====Grand trial====
In this grand trial, the player has to defeat [[Island Kahuna]] [[Hapu]].
* Trial site: [[Vast Poni Canyon]]{{sup/7|SM}}/, [[Exeggutor Island]]{{sup/7|USUM}}
* Reward: [[Groundium Z]], [[Trainer Card (game)#Stamps|Poni Trial Completion stamp]]