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Outside, everyone has brought out their Pokémon and Olivia is amazed at their facial expressions, as she can tell that they are all very much loved. The group note that none of their Pokémon have their guard up against her, and not even {{AP|Litten}} is guarded around her. Kiawe also mentions that during his grand trial with Olivia, {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}} had let its guard down with someone it hadn't known, and that she must truly have a special power. Olivia then asks the class to tell her more about their Pokémon.
Later, Olivia finds herself crying having learnt whatthat Litten had gone through a lot before it had met Ash. Lillie hands her a handkerchief which she takes, drying her eyes and blowing her nose which {{an|Lana}} finds interesting. Olivia then tells everyone that their Pokémon are all lucky to have such great partners. Also, as a reward for telling her about all of their Pokémon, Olivia says she in return will tell them about Akala Island. As she begins her talk on Akala Island, she asks the group if they know who the Guardian of Akala Island is. In reply, Ash states that it is {{p|Tapu Lele}}, and then Olivia describes that Tapu Lele is known to scatter its glowing scales from time to time, and that whoever the scales touch will be healed. Ash, remembers his [[SM020|encounter]] with Tapu Lele realizes that this is why his injuries had been healed. After her talk, Olivia tells the group to get ready as they head to Akala Island. Down at the port, a cruiser is waiting to take them and Olivia jumps aboard, only to trip once more.
Out on the ocean, {{an|Sophocles}} is looking through his phone, and finds a picture of Kiawe, [[Sima]], [[Rango]] and [[Mimo]] in an Akala Island guidebook. {{an|Mallow}}, looking on, spots a picture of a nervous Kiawe. ASAs the boat continues to head to Akala Island, Lana spots something jump out of the water. Professor Kukui and Olivia decide to make a detour to investigate, and they approach a group of {{p|Dragonair}} leaping out of the water. One of the Dragonair uses {{m|Rain Dance}} much to the amazement of the class. Olivia comments that their field trip learning has just begun. As they make their way to Akala Island, they are able to spot various {{type|Water}} Pokémon, including a {{p|Slowpoke}} evolving into a {{p|Slowbro}}.
Later, Olivia looks over the railings in search for other Pokémon, but ends up falling over and into the ocean. Unfazed, Olivia invites the others to join her, and so Ash and Pikachu jump in to swim. The three of them swim underwater, looking at all the Pokémon, but soon notice some splashing near some rocks which they decide to investigate. Wondering where Ash, Olivia and Pikachu are swimming off to, Professor Kukui steers the ship over to them. Ash, Olivia and Pikachu reach the rocks and find a {{p|Wailmer}} trapped in the rocks. Rotom joins them and Ash tells him that Wailmer is stuck. Alarmed, Rotom heads back to inform the others while Ash, Olivia and Pikachu swim towards Wailmer. They try to pull Wailmer free, but the effort sends Olivia underwater. Here, she spots a {{p|Bruxish}} nearby and realizes that the Bruxish is responsible for this. After surfacing, Olivia warns everyone about Bruxish's powerful Psychic power and they all get back on board. To help the Wailmer, Olivia asks Lycanroc for its assistance. Despite its weakness to Water, Lycanroc jumps into the air and uses {{m|Accelerock}} on the nearby cliff before safely returning to the boat. The attack causes rocks to fall into the sea, freeing Wailmer. However, since Wailmer is still under Bruxish's Psychic power it starts to sink. Bruxish then jumps out of the water to scare them before emitting a loud sound. Olivia tells Lycanroc to use {{m|Rock Slide}} which hits Bruxish who soon flees.