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I don't think such a big deal needs to be made about it... clarifying in the already-existing tooltip is probably enough.
| colspan="5" style="color: #FFF; text-align:center" | '''{{color2|fff|Generation IV}} Game Card inserted{{tt|*|AfterRegardless of Game Card's language; after catching Landorus}}'''
|- style="width:80px; background:#{{Pokémon color light}}"
| style="{{roundybl|5px}}" | [[File:483Dialga.png|96px]]<br>'''{{pcolor|Dialga|{{Pokémon color dark}}}}'''{{sup/4|D}}<br>{{color|{{Pokémon color dark}}|Temporal Extension}}
* The Pokémon Dream Radar's release date is the same as {{2v2|Black|White|2}}'s release date in all regions.
* The Gen IV cartridge used for the Temporal, Spacial, Renegade, Rainbow, and Diving extensions does not need to be the same language as the game itself. (For example, a Japanese copy of [[Pokemon Platinum]] will still unlock the Renegade extension in an English copy of the game.)
==In other languages==