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== Ultra Wormhole Types ==
{{cleanup}}[[File:Ultra Space Wilds Rocky World.png|thumb|250px|The Rocky World, found in green wormholes]]
There are five different Ultra Wormholes that the player may visit while using Ultra Warp Ride. Four of wormholes leads to the [[File:Ultra Space Wilds]], Rockywhile World.png|thumb|250px|Thethe plainremaining one leads to the world, foundof the first seven [[Ultra Beast]]s introduced in green[[Pokémon wormholesSun and Moon]] and [[Ultra Megalopolis]] only during the first visit.
There are five colors that*Red Ultra Wormholes can be - white, blue, green, red, and yellow. White wormholes bring the player to various home worlds of the Ultra Beasts, blue wormholes to a waterfall area, red wormholes to a cliff area, green wormholes to a plains area, and yellow wormholes to a cave. As stated above, there are four tiers of Ultra Wormholes, with increasing rarity in each to findWormhole: uncommonCliff Pokémon.World
*Blue Ultra Wormhole: Water World
*Green Ultra Wormhole: Rocky World
*Yellow Ultra Wormhole: Cave World
* White Ultra Wormhole : [[Ultra Deep Sea]], [[Ultra Jungle]]{{sup/7|US}}, [[Ultra Desert]]{{sup/7|UM}}, [[Ultra Plant]], [[Ultra Forest]]{{sup/7|US}}, [[Ultra Crater]]{{sup/7|UM}}, and [[Ultra Ruin]]
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