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Seed Bomb
i looked up on how to edit articles and added snover and abomasnow to the seed bomb egg moves list of Cacnea and Cacturne. cheers! {{unsigned|Amenostorm}}
:While I understand how you came to this conclusion, the lists of potential parents for egg moves on Bulbapedia are meant to be as quick and easy to follow as possible for the average user, rather than fully exhaustive. It always starts with only the parents that can learn the move by leveling up, or in other words Pokemon that can always learn or re-learn the move. This makes it easy for someone to see a parent, go obtain one, and level it up or take it to the Move Reminder. If there are no parents that learn the move by leveling up, only then do we move out and list parents who learn the move in other ways, such as through chain-breeding, move tutors, etc., with an appropriate explanatory note. If everything that could possibly learn the move was listed from the start, it could easily cause more headache if for example someone saw and tried to use a potential parent without realizing that that Pokemon can only learn the move through chain-breeding in the first place. Of course, more experienced users can use the information on the move page to use alternate methods of passing on egg moves if they wish, but it is cleaner to do things this way instead of having dozens of potentially unhelpful Pokemon and many different notes cluttering the table. [[User:VioletPumpkin|VioletPumpkin]] ([[User talk:VioletPumpkin|talk]]) 15:34, 16 February 2018 (UTC)