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Drifblim (Ultra Prism 52)

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Did some research using the Japanese Pokemon sites.
|dex=It'sEven drowsywhile inunder daytimecareful observation, but flies off inlarge theflocks eveningof inDrifblim bigflying Nodusk onewill knowsinexplicably wheredisappear theyfrom goview.
|jdex=昼間夕暮れに 飛ぶ フワライドの 大群 寝ぼけ じっと 観察し 浮かんで るがても 夕方 大群で 飛んでく。つのまにか 行先は だれも 知らな消えて
'''Wind Wheel''' is an attack that first appeared on {{TCG ID|Ancient Origins|Volcarona|18}} from {{TCG|Ancient Origins}}. This card's [[Pokédex]] entry comes from {{g|YMoon}}.
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