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==In the animemanga==
[[File:Green Orb Adventures.png|thumb|200px|The Green Orb core in the Pokémon Adventures manga]]
==In the anime==
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga==-->=
While the Jade Orb has not appeared in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga, the [[Pokémon Association]] once captured and studied {{DL|Super-ancient Pokémon (Adventures)|Rayquaza}} in an attempt to create an artificial "Green Orb" (Japanese: '''翠色の宝珠''' ''Green Orb'') in order to control it, but failed. The core of the unfinished Green Orb was eventually thrown away by [[Professor Yanase Berlitz|Professor Yanase]] and subsequently found by {{adv|Emerald}}, who started wearing it as a part of his accessories. In ''[[PAORAS15|Omega Alpha Adventure 15]]'', Emerald was revealed to have given the Green Orb core to [[Norman]], who took it to the research facility where Rayquaza was held in captivity and used a machine to increase its purity. The process changed the core to a jade color and increased its strength. Despite the increase in strength, Norman was unable to utilize the core to control Rayquaza. When {{adv|Ruby}} used the core, he was able to slightly control Rayquaza enough to influence its movements. When {{adv|Sapphire}} used the core, she was able to peer into Rayquaza's mind, allowing her to hear its thoughts.
==In other languages==
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