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Major events
==Major events==
[[File:Wobbuffet Comeback BW142.png|thumb|220px250px|Wobbuffet rejoining the Rocket trio]]
* {{Ash}} and [[Alexa]] arrive in [[Pallet Town]].
* Ash learns that [[Viola|Alexa's sister]] is a [[Gym Leader]] in the [[Kalos]] region.
* Ash decides to head to Kalos in order to challenge its {{kal|Pokémon League}}.
* Ash leaves [[Party|all of the Pokémon he traveled with]]{{pkmn2|caught}} in [[Unova]] and the [[Decolore Islands]] (except {{AP|Pikachu}} and including {{AP|Charizard}}) with {{an|Professor Oak}}.
* Ash receives {{DL|List of clothing in the anime|XY series|new clothes}} from {{Delia|his mother}}.
* [[Jessie]] and [[James]] give their Unova Pokémon to {{an|Giovanni}} at the {{an|Team Rocket HQ|Team Rocket Headquarters}}, while Jessie retrieves her {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}.
* {{TRT}} decide to follow Ash to Kalos.
* Ash and Alexa leave [[Kanto]] for the Kalos region.