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"He?" Nah.
("He?" Nah.)
Ash then once again challenges Prima to a battle which she accepts. They agree on one Pokémon each, and send out their Pokémon. Ash uses {{AP|Pikachu}}, and Prima chooses {{p|Cloyster}}. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, but Cloyster Withdraws into its shell. As a result the attack has no effect. Pikachu uses {{m|Agility}}, but is knocked back by Cloyster's {{m|Reflect}} attack. Pikachu uses {{m|Thunder}} which hits but then Cloyster starts to glow red. Tracey warns Ash that this is {{m|Rage}}, which increases its Attack level. Pikachu tries a {{m|Quick Attack}}, but is pummeled by {{m|Aurora Beam}} and Take Down. Ash loses.
Prima calls back Cloyster, and looks at Pikachu to see if heit is okay. She tells Ash that he has the skills he needs to be a Pokémon Master, but he needs to remember that his Pokémon are the ones who win the [[Badge]]s. She tells him that with his Pokémon and friends at his side, he'll always succeed. She then tells him that if he wins all the Gym Badges in the [[Orange League]], he'll be presented with an "Honorable Trainer" trophy. Ash then thanks Prima.
Suddenly, voices sound from above. It's {{TRT}}, and they ask if Prima has a recording of her lecture on a CD. She replies that it's on tape only, and whispers to Ash and his friends that it's $18.95. Team Rocket falls out of their [[Team Rocket's mechas|balloon]], then says their [[Team Rocket mottos|motto]]. Misty correctly guesses that their original plan was to steal Prima's Pokémon, but they tell her that they figured they'd lose. They then decided to stick with the program and steal Pikachu. Ash gets ready to fight, but Prima tells him that she'll take care of it.