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* [[GLORY DAY ~That Shining Day~]] replaced [[Smile]] as the [[List of Japanese ending themes|Japanese ending theme]].
* This episode reveals that [[Tate and Liza|Liza]] is the older twin.
* The [[Pokémon Trainer's Choice]] segment states that {{p|Tangela}} does not evolve. At the time that this episode was dubbed, {{p|Tangrowth}} was still unknown to the public. Like all instances of the Trainer's Choice, it continues to air as is even in airings after Tangrowth was revealed.
* The dub title is based on the {{wp|Billy Joel}} song "{{wp|It's Still Rock and Roll to meMe}}".
* This is one of several episodes where Japanese text isn't painted away in the dub.
* Because outer space is a vacuum, {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} and {{TP|James|Chimecho}} are silent in the end of [[Team Rocket's motto]], despite not being actually in space.
* This is the fourth episode in which {{AP|Pikachu}} imitates other characters in the anime.
** The characters it imitates are {{AP|Corphish}}, {{AP|Grovyle}}, and {{AP|Torkoal}}.
** The other episodes prior to this are ''[[EP051|Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden]]'', ''[[EP132|For Crying Out Loud]]'', and ''[[EP203|The Screen Actor's Guilt]]''.
* This is the first time {{AP|Pikachu}} uses {{m|Iron Tail}} to blast off {{TRT}}.
* [[Max]] mentioning the weather satellite ''{{p|Sunflora}}'' may be a reference to the Japanese ''{{wp|Himawari (satellite)|Himawari}}'' weather satellites. Likewise, ''{{p|Ho-Oh}} III'' may be a reference to the {{wp|AS-202}}, also known as Apollo III.
* This episode is featured on the ''Volume 10: Rock'' copy of [[Pokémon Elements]].
:First, the solid rocket boosters should not have separated until after they had finished firing. Otherwise, they would have gone up instead of down and wasted a lot of energy. The external tank should not have separated until the shuttle was nearly in orbit, and the engines should not have been firing when the shuttle was about to land.
:* However, this was only when Team Rocket tried to steal the shuttle, and it had to be landed soon after, so at least most of these mistakes were likely made on purpose. When the shuttle was later launched for a real mission, technical issues seemed to be correct.
* When Tate is showing Max the shuttle simulator, his hair bun is colored white.
* When [[Tate's Solrock]]'s {{m|Sandstorm}} fails to work on {{TP|Liza|Lunatone}}, Liza says "Those {{t|Ground}} attacks just don't work against my Lunatone", obviously referring to Lunatone's [[Ability]] {{a|Levitate}}. However, Sandstorm is a {{type|Rock}} move, not Ground-type.
** It is correct, however, that Sandstorm would not hurt a Lunatone, due to it also being Rock-type.