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'''''Pokémon Trainer's Choice''''' is a feature from the English dub of the [[Pokémon anime]]. Starting from ''[[AG041|What You Seed is What You Get]]'', ''Trainer's Choice'' was the lead-in to the mid-show advertisement break. It replaced the [[original series]]'s ''"[[Who's That Pokémon?]]''". It was not used in the original Japanese version of the anime; instead, a simple [[eyecatch]] was shown. The final ''Trainer's Choice'' aired with ''[[AG145|Pasta La Vista!]]''. It was not replaced with a similar feature, nor has it ever been reintroduced.
''Trainer's Choice'' follows a simple concept. Rather than recognizing the silhouette of a Pokémon, viewers are asked a question about a Pokémon and instructed to choose the best of three possible answers, usually over a commercial break when watched on TV. Generally, the viewer is asked to determine which Pokémon has a [[Type#Type effectiveness|type advantage]] over another; though other kinds of questions have been asked. The feature is narrated by [[Ash Ketchum]].
When {{TPCi|Pokémon USA}} and [[TAJ Productions]] began dubbing the series, Trainer's Choice production ceased.