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* The episode title is derived from the biblical {{wp|Garden of Eden}}.
* In this episode, Team Rocket{{TRT}} uses a {{DL|Team Rocket mottos|The Garden of Eatin' motto|variation}} of their motto.
* In the [[boss fantasy]], the letter 'S' in Giovanni's pajamas may refer to his Japanese name, Sakaki.
* When {{Ash}} explains how to get rid of {{p|Snorlax}} from the garden, {{an|May}}'s socks were missing.
* [[Max]] says that {{p|Snorlax}} is the biggest Pokémon he's has ever seen, despite the fact that he saw a {{p|Wailord|larger Pokémon}} in [[AG034|a previous episode]]. However, it is possible Max was exaggerating.
* When May gets out her Pokédex to look up Snorlax, she's is shown wearing Ash's glove.
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