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Porygon (Pokémon)

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Biology: Former signature moves don't seem to be listed here on other pages
Porygon is a Pokémon made completely out of programming code. It has a pink polyhedral body with a blue stomach, blue triangular prism feet, and a blue rectangular prism tail. It has a pink, polyhedral head that ends in a blue beak and has hexagonal eyes. Built into this code is [[Silph Co.]] copy protection [[wp: Digital Rights Management|DRM]], preventing duplication through electronic means. Due to its man-made origins, Porygon does not need to breathe or eat, though it can still accept food if given. It has the ability to convert its body into digital data, allowing it to travel through cyberspace. It was created 20 years ago using the latest technology of its time, so many of its parts have since become obsolete.
Porygon has two [[signature moves]], {{m|Conversion}} and {{m|Conversion 2}}, as well as a former signature move in {{m|Sharpen}}. It can use Conversion to change its appearance to mimic another Pokémon's. Porygon has also [[Pokémon Snap|demonstrated the ability]] to change color for camouflage. Because it is man-made, it is generally found in computers or in labs and other {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Urban Pokémon|buildings}} where people work. In 3D games, such as {{g|Stadium}}, it can detach its limbs and head from its torso.
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